Top 10 hints to tell your boyfriend that you want to get married

At one point in your relationship, you might feel you want to be with your boyfriend in a matrimonial bond and that you wish to have his name as you’re referred to as Mrs. “Your boyfriend’s name”. This is likely to happen if you are considerate and serious about your relationship, but in order to express your commitment and go a step further to bond yourself and your boyfriend into marriage, you might want to consider telling a few things first.

To express yourself in the best possible and show some signs that you want to wed your boyfriend, here are few things you might want to consider:

1. Texting Games:
These texting games are most fun but in this case, you might want to play 20 questions or Truth or Dare. This will give you a fair chance to ask if you want to marry him or he would like to marry you. The point is likely to induce a question in his mind about you being married to him. You can even dare him to pretend to be your husband.

2. Talk about marriage:
Not in a way, that you want to see yourself married to him but in a way as an expression and a part of the life`s chain of events. Discuss how married people tend to live and do things together. Talk about how they feel towards each other regarding all practical matters. Nevertheless, don’t bring up marriage too often.

3. Get his thoughts on a long-term relationship:
You should also consider the point how he tends to react towards marriage. This brings out not only his reflection and thoughts on the subject of the marriage but it also places a hint that you are considering marriage for the two of you.

4. Make jokes on people, which are married:
It doesn’t have to be demoralising or just rude but the joke should be able to crack the both of you. That is not to say you are putting yourself and him on a distance to getting married but it is suggested to give him a slight idea about marriage.

5. Try putting a ring on his ring finger:
This may seem too childish and kind of embarrassing to him, perhaps, but that’s just the point here. Do that because that will bring out your expression of how much you truly endear him and how you are considering being a part of his life and making him a part of your life.

6. Discuss married people:
This is to make him and yourself understand the importance and depth of the relationship. Comparing is not to undermine or boast yourself and your boyfriend but that is just to give a thought about how practical you are towards your relationship.

7. Express in a deep way:
Talk about all the expenses that are included in getting married in a way that you’re stating a consideration about getting married. The expenses could include:

  • Dinner
  • Guests
  • Avenue of the marriage
  • Music arrangement
  • Rings
  • Wedding gowns and tuxedos etc.

8. Tell him about how you feel:
Express yourself in a deeper and contemplating way. This would show your depth and commitment and how you feel for the two of you. This may be you trying to express figuratively the both of you with romantic and artistic things. This may seem a bit over the head, but it sure makes one feel thoughtful.

9. Invite him to a marriage:
Whether your best friend or your cousin is getting married, it may serve as a reminder to his senses back in his mind that you are wishing to get married to him.

10. Ask him:
You should consider this once you’re fully confident about yourself and your choice. Ask him, jokingly or just being serious but do it and see how he reacts.

As exciting as this may sound, you may not want to ask too much about marriage and bringing marriage in every part of the discussion. In these following points, you may want to tell him if it were possible, you’d marry him because you feel the world for him and he feels the same. This will certainly give him an idea that you really mean it when you want to marry him.

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