We’re always on the hunt for awesomeness and inspiration. If you’re a bride or wedding vendor and would like to submit your real wedding, engagement shoot, or styled wedding photos, please feel free to email us at

You are most likely to be showcased on our blog if your wedding is a little preppy, maybe with a taste of vintage or rustic accents thrown in.  We can best describe our style as “Once upon a time, Kate Spade married J. Crew and they had an adorable little baby named Anthropologie!”  Of course, if you have had a beautiful wedding and it doesn’t exactly match with our fairy tale description, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  In the end, it’s all about romance and elegance!

When submitting, please remember to provide us with the couple’s name, the date they were married, and the wedding location.  If possible, also email us wedding details such as vendor names, dress details, reception details, and a mini bio of the couple.  Any and all fun facts are also welcomed.

What does Melissa Dov Weddings need for wedding submission?

  • Be sure to send a nice mix of about 50-75 photos that relay the overall story and feel of the wedding day or event.
  • What size and resolution do we need? Images must be 510 pixels wide with a max height of 1000.
  • Please make sure you have received approval from all appropriate vendors for the submission.
  • Provide all vendor information so they can be properly credited. If you are a vendor and have not been properly credited, please feel free to drop us an email.
  • Do let me know if you’ve submitted this wedding to any other wedding blogs.
  • All submissions are accepted via email at

Thank you in advance for your submissions!