Rustic Chic: Amanda & Joshua By Queen B Photography

A heart felt country wedding! That is how I would describe this adorable rustic, North Carolina wedding.

Amanda & Joshua were married on May 11, 2013 at the bride’s family farm in North Carolina. Mandy, our blushing bride, loves things that have a rustic country vibe. She wanted the wedding to have a rustic feel with lace accents to soften it up. Although this bride looked fit for any black-tie wedding, she didn’t let her southern roots disappear as we can see in her pictures with a jean jacket and cowboy boot wearing bridesmaids.

The wedding had wonderful DIY touches. From the creative use of hay bails for benches to the hand painted turquoise wooden piece used to hold the mason jars at her reception. Each detail was handmade and wonderfully personal. All the flowers were also uniquely created by each bridesmaid, and her wedding turquoise, ruffled wedding cake was certainly a highlight.

Thank you to Queen B Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us and congratulations to the new couple! We wish you all the best.

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Vendor Credits:

Photographer:  Queen B Photography || Cake Designer: Bake Me Happy
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