Why to Choose the Videographer Who Is Associated With the Venue

Importance of Choosing a Wedding Videographer Associated With the Venue

As a professional wedding video editor, you’re equipped with a set of skills you’ve honed through training and experience. You know how to pick the right shots, and how to create the style and mood that’s right for the video you’re creating through the use of skillful editing and transitions. But, in the final analysis, you’re limited by one important factor – the quality of the footage you have to work with.

No amount of color correction can fix footage that’s washed out by the sun shining into a poorly placed camera. Or footage that’s too dark because the videographer wasn’t prepared for the lighting conditions in interior shots. And what if you don’t have those essential “B-roll” shots that add depth, emotion, and detail to your production?

That’s where a good videographer enters the picture. A skilled videographer will get the shots you want – shots that are properly composed, properly lit, properly exposed, and with good sound. But even the best videographer will work best on their “home field.” That’s why when you choose a videographer to shoot a wedding, one of the most important considerations should be choosing a videographer who is familiar with, or associated with, the venue where the wedding is being held. This important member of your team can be the key element that results in highly satisfied clients and positive referrals.


The importance of knowing the venue

As you know, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a successful wedding shoot. A quality wedding video will feature footage from a variety of locations and will include elements such as backstage wedding preparations, interviews with members of the wedding party, the reception, and both main camera and B-roll shots of the ceremony itself.

Each of these locations may present its challenges in logistics. For example, are there power outlets available for lights, if necessary? How much space is available at different locations in the venue, and how much room will you have for cameras, tripods, lights, and more?

And there are other, more prosaic considerations as well. A videographer experienced with the wedding venue will know all the little details that make his job easier. Small details – like where to park, the best entrances to use, familiarity with the staff – they all add up to make the shoot go more smoothly.


Artistic considerations and the importance of on-site experience

An experienced videographer should always be thought of as a collaborator on your production, so never take their advice and input for granted. As the video producer, you’ve discussed the video you want to make with your clients, and you’ve given them your artistic guidance on how to best realize the tone and style of the end product you’ll be creating for them. Think of your videographer performing a similar function for you.

Consider the shots you want for the ceremony itself. You may want to utilize a multi-camera setup to capture midrange shots, close-ups, and B-roll shots of audience reactions. Working by yourself or with a videographer not experienced with the venue, you’ll need to spend considerable time investigating all the potential locations for your camera setups. A videographer experienced with the venue can take your ideas and filter them through the hard-won experience they have with the location. Based on the equipment they have available, they’ll be able to suggest camera locations that’ll yield the best possible framing and most effective shots.

In a similar way, the experience of your experienced wedding video editing can save you some potential pitfalls with lighting. Even if you’ve scouted out the location beforehand, you may not realize how a change in natural light throughout the day can throw a curve into what you may have thought was an ideal camera location. Likely, your experienced videographer has shot footage at many different times of day and in many different locations at the wedding venue, both inside and outside. Their experience can not only save you trouble but help you create exactly the effect you are looking for.

Your experienced wedding videographer will also have gear that is suited for the wedding venue. Certainly, there is are a variety of cameras and lighting systems that can work well in many different venues, but their experience in bringing just the right combo of equipment to capture the shots you want will yield the best results, without you having to make difficult decisions along the way.


Positive results in the cutting room

As we’ve discussed, the collaboration between you, the video editor, and the videographer is at the heart of realizing the artistic vision you’ve developed in concert with your clients. And when the wedding is done, and you move to your editing software a smooth and productive collaboration at the wedding venue will make your job easier.

Your collaboration with an experienced videographer has yielded shots that are properly balanced for the lighting at the wedding, so you’ll spend less time worrying about color correction and spend more time getting the edits you’ve planned just right.

Because your videographer was associated with the venue, you’ve undoubtedly also gotten all the shots you planned on, since you minimized unexpected obstacles with gear and the spaces you needed footage from. It’s a win for you – no worries about how to cover for missing shots since you’ve gotten all the shots you planned for.

Finally, you can move into your editing knowing that you’ve been able, through this collaboration, to get shots that are framed and composed to capture the unique essence of the venue where the wedding took place. Remember, your clients chose the venue for their wedding because it appealed to their sense of taste and style. The composition of your videos shots, by utilizing the attributes of the venue to the best effect will make your video resonate with your clients.

The smart choice

It may be tempting to cut corners when hiring a videographer or try to handle all the work yourself. But there is no substitute for experience, and the on-the-ground experience that a videographer associated with a wedding venue brings to your production is something that will be of great value to you, not only when shooting the video, but in your post-production work as well. Tap into the expert and make him part of your team. Your clients will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself for choosing wisely.


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  1. Lexia Maroon says:

    Great tip to find the perfect photographer for a wedding. I think the most important thing is to know the venue and to know the best sports the venue has to offer.

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