Why to Choose the Videographer Who Is Associated With the Venue

Importance of Choosing a Wedding Videographer Associated With the Venue

As a professional wedding video editor, you’re equipped with a set of skills you’ve honed through training and experience. You know how to pick the right shots, and how to create the style and mood that’s right for the video you’re creating through the use of skillful editing and transitions. But, in the final analysis, you’re limited by one important factor – the quality of the footage you have to work with.

No amount of color correction can fix footage that’s washed out by the sun shining into a poorly placed camera. Or footage that’s too dark because the videographer wasn’t prepared for the lighting conditions in interior shots. And what if you don’t have those essential “B-roll” shots that add depth, emotion, and detail to your production?

That’s where a good videographer enters the picture. A skilled videographer will get the shots you want – shots that are properly composed, properly lit, properly exposed, and with good sound. But even the best videographer will work best on their “home field.” That’s why when you choose a videographer to shoot a wedding, one of the most important considerations should be choosing a videographer who is familiar with, or associated with, the venue where the wedding is being held. This important member of your team can be the key element that results in highly satisfied clients and positive referrals.


The importance of knowing the venue

As you know, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a successful wedding shoot. A quality wedding video will feature footage from a variety of locations and will include elements such as backstage wedding preparations, interviews with members of the wedding party, the reception, and both main camera and B-roll shots of the ceremony itself.

Each of these locations may present its challenges in logistics. For example, are there power outlets available for lights, if necessary? How much space is available at different locations in the venue, and how much room will you have for cameras, tripods, lights, and more?

And there are other, more prosaic considerations as well. A videographer experienced with the wedding venue will know all the little details that make his job easier. Small details – like where to park, the best entrances to use, familiarity with the staff – they all add up to make the shoot go more smoothly.


Artistic considerations and the importance of on-site experience

An experienced videographer should always be thought of as a collaborator on your production, so never take their advice and input for granted. As the video producer, you’ve discussed the video you want to make with your clients, and you’ve given them your artistic guidance on how to best realize the tone and style of the end product you’ll be creating for them. Think of your videographer performing a similar function for you.

Consider the shots you want for the ceremony itself. You may want to utilize a multi-camera setup to capture midrange shots, close-ups, and B-roll shots of audience reactions. Working by yourself or with a videographer not experienced with the venue, you’ll need to spend considerable time investigating all the potential locations for your camera setups. A videographer experienced with the venue can take your ideas and filter them through the hard-won experience they have with the location. Based on the equipment they have available, they’ll be able to suggest camera locations that’ll yield the best possible framing and most effective shots.

In a similar way, the experience of your experienced wedding video editing can save you some potential pitfalls with lighting. Even if you’ve scouted out the location beforehand, you may not realize how a change in natural light throughout the day can throw a curve into what you may have thought was an ideal camera location. Likely, your experienced videographer has shot footage at many different times of day and in many different locations at the wedding venue, both inside and outside. Their experience can not only save you trouble but help you create exactly the effect you are looking for.

Your experienced wedding videographer will also have gear that is suited for the wedding venue. Certainly, there is are a variety of cameras and lighting systems that can work well in many different venues, but their experience in bringing just the right combo of equipment to capture the shots you want will yield the best results, without you having to make difficult decisions along the way.


Positive results in the cutting room

As we’ve discussed, the collaboration between you, the video editor, and the videographer is at the heart of realizing the artistic vision you’ve developed in concert with your clients. And when the wedding is done, and you move to your editing software a smooth and productive collaboration at the wedding venue will make your job easier.

Your collaboration with an experienced videographer has yielded shots that are properly balanced for the lighting at the wedding, so you’ll spend less time worrying about color correction and spend more time getting the edits you’ve planned just right.

Because your videographer was associated with the venue, you’ve undoubtedly also gotten all the shots you planned on, since you minimized unexpected obstacles with gear and the spaces you needed footage from. It’s a win for you – no worries about how to cover for missing shots since you’ve gotten all the shots you planned for.

Finally, you can move into your editing knowing that you’ve been able, through this collaboration, to get shots that are framed and composed to capture the unique essence of the venue where the wedding took place. Remember, your clients chose the venue for their wedding because it appealed to their sense of taste and style. The composition of your videos shots, by utilizing the attributes of the venue to the best effect will make your video resonate with your clients.

The smart choice

It may be tempting to cut corners when hiring a videographer or try to handle all the work yourself. But there is no substitute for experience, and the on-the-ground experience that a videographer associated with a wedding venue brings to your production is something that will be of great value to you, not only when shooting the video, but in your post-production work as well. Tap into the expert and make him part of your team. Your clients will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself for choosing wisely.


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5 Creative Wedding Arrangements That Will Blow Your Mind


It’s really not surprising that they are called centerpieces. Not only are these flower arrangements wonderful decorative touch at wedding reception tables, but they are also one of the most important focal points and when done right, they have the potential to improve the dynamic space of a wedding in great measure.

If you are thinking about doing flowers at your wedding on your own, it is very important that you sit back and think about the responsibility you are taking on yourself. Doing all the wedding flower arrangements by yourself is not an easy task and it is important to know what there is to it before you start.

It may seem like it’s a fairly easy job to put together a wedding centerpiece. However, you must consider the entire picture, which includes creating designs, buying supplies and vases, taking some time to practice, buying all the flowers right before the ceremony, making sure your plants survive, putting them together and transporting all of your centerpieces to the wedding.

Before taking this step makes sure that you are ready for it and now here are some mind-blowing arrangements you can create on your own. With these arrangements you will make your wedding videos amazing.

1.    Work with the Surrounding


If you are having a wedding at an exotic destination far away it is a good idea to research whether there are any local flowers which are characteristic to that area and look to use them. Not only will it be easier for you to get the actual flowers to your wedding, but they will simply naturally “fit in” with the whole surrounding and create a nice nostalgic atmosphere. Just imagine dragging flowers with you on an airplane or ordering them from far away.

2.    Add Additional Elements


Your centerpieces don’t have to consist only of flowers. You can also add other elements to decorate them even further and bring out the best out of the flowers you’ve chosen. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use flowers at all, instead use smaller or fewer flowers, but surround them with things like cotton sprigs and together they will look unique and amazing.

3.    Get Two Cake Stands

Who says cake stands are for cakes only? Get an extra stand and lay out your flower arrangements on it. Nobody says that you must exclusively use vases for the wedding arrangements. Take a cake stand with multiple levels and match different flowers, with each level being unique, and this is how you can easily create something creative and memorable.

4.    Use Multiple Centerpieces

If you will have long tables at your wedding (and you probably will) you should consider creating multiple centerpieces which have different heights. They will simply pull the eyes of all the guests across the whole room. Use small, rectangular vases and pair them with high, round lemon-decorated chalets to create a trendy look.

5.    Candle Holders


If you have any iron candle holders that look beautiful you can make great use of them. Instead of putting candles in them you can put small flowers and create a beautiful visual effect that can be more cost effective than actually buying vases. You can also combine flowers and candles as well to create a unique decoration.

Try out some of these ideas and I guarantee that you will love them. Remember to practice a bit before the wedding and choose the magical combination that really speaks to you.

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Weddings Photos are the Best Memorable Image of Human Life


Although some people think of a marriage as if it were a simple piece of paper, and a wedding as an over-the-top way of celebrating this piece of paper, those who give this joyous occasion a deeper meaning actually have a lot of important plans for their future. Making this step in your life means a positive change, and when you mark that process as such, you’re preparing yourself for a new kind of lifestyle.

Whether you decide to throw a small wedding surrounded by your close family members and only the dearest friends, or you plan on inviting everyone you know, you’ll want to remember that day for ages to come. Everyone loves wedding photos and there are very solid reason for that claim.

Celebration of a New Era

You know how there are people who cry whenever they see a bride and it’s not of any real significance to them whether they know her or not. Wedding celebrations enable two people to declare their love for each other to the world and this one day is the beginning of their new life together – if that’s not a reason for tears of joy I don’t really know what is.

That built up expectation before the big date is what makes us so exciting – and wedding photos tell that, which is why you’ll be able to remember the whole wedding story in detail just by looking at them. Besides, I’m sure that you’ll have at least one story the course of which went terribly wrong in spite of months and months of thorough planning – it will become funny after some time, believe me.


Everyone You Love on One Place

Life simply throws numerous responsibilities your way and, the older you are, the less time you’ll have for social events. Although this may sound a bit harsh and sad, you should focus on the fact that your wedding will gather everyone you love on one place. That thing alone is something to look forward to. Perhaps re-watching your wedding photos may make you nostalgic, but it will most definitely make you remember and relive the deep feelings and strong bonds you have with your dearest ones.

Looking Your Very Finest

Although this may seem superficial, getting married is one way to celebrate your youth which is why you’ll look your very finest on that big day. Having a memory like this captured is a wonderful way to remember the prime of your life and tell stories to your children and grandchildren once the time comes.


A Photographer Plays an Important Role

This isn’t something (most) people do twice, so you probably won’t have another opportunity to make this day count, which is why it’s imperative you hire an experienced professional who’s capable of providing you with a quality photo editing service. That way, you’ll have unique photos to remind you of your special day forever.

Memories are important because they help us remember who we once were and how far we’ve grown in time. The human mind isn’t capable of remembering everything it should, so having a photo-reminder of your life-changing events such as the wedding day can really help us take a vivid walk down memory lane.

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Lili & Michael’s Wedding – Inspired by the Romance of the East and West

Nestled amongst the Willow trees of Melbourne’s most romantic venue – Lili and Michael exchanged vowes in a glamorous, gold dripping ceremony inspired by the romance of the East and West. Adorning a custom made gown with delicate lace and flower details – Lili, Michael and their closest friends and family enjoyed a stunning reception which featured a champagne tower, a floral arrangement from Victoria Whitelaw and a gold-dusted candy bar.

The First Meeting

We actually used to work for the same company so we’d always see each other around the office and just got to talking one day.

The Proposal

He proposed to me during the TV show “Family Guy” completely out of the blue. Honestly, if that isn’t a dream proposal, I’m not really sure what is!

The Gown

My bridal gown was handmade by Neomi Pereira from Neomi Allens Couture. I wanted something modern, western and elegant but with a whisper of The East. Neomi brought it to life and her creation was gracefully modern, effortlessly elegant and the perfect harmony of East and West. What stood out to me were the details, the tiny flowers, sewn by hand, with love in every stitch, the pearls, the lace, the collar….all amazing.

The Wedding Style

I envisioned the style of East meets the West. The theme for the day was black and gold with a touch of the 1920s. I definitely wanted a golden touch of glamour throughout the day.

The Reception

We wanted a place that was intimate and beautiful. As soon as I saw the court yard and the beautiful willow tree of The Willows, we knew that we found the perfect reception venue.

Your Favorite Moment

Was of course marrying the love of my life and getting to share the day with the closest people in our lives.

DIY décor elements

I did all the signage’s for the wedding, as well as the guest book and photo booth. It was fun to get a bit creative!

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Nothing, we absolutely enjoyed every moment of it!

Tips for future brides

Relax, chill, drink, eat and be married. ☺























































Vendor Credits:

Bridal Gown: Neomi Allen || Suits: Dom Bagnato || Stationery: Adorn Invitations || Rings: Canturi || Venue: The Willows || Flowers: Victoria Whitelaw || Cake and Bonbonniere: Regnier Cakes || Photography: Elleni Toumpas || Hair & Makeup: Onset Studio || Entertainment: Blue Avenue || Honeymoon: Singapore

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Jessica & Chintan’s Sparkling Civil Ceremony in Portland, Oregon

Following a month long trip and a very large traditional wedding in India, Jess (writer) and Chintan (engineer) returned home to Portland, Oregon for a low key, small and simple wedding with friends that took place on April Fool’s day. The day began with a civil ceremony at Multnomah County Courthouse where the judge was gifted with a custom cake by Dream Cakes.

Adorning a gorgeous custom made gown by local Portland designer – Embellish Designs, Jessica’s shimmering gold Christian Loubotin’s (and gold sequin converses for the reception) were a beautiful contrast against their relaxed civil ceremony. Jessica also payed homage to her partners ancestry and her own contemporary taste with a nontraditional bouquet completely filled with glimmering peacock jeweled broaches (the national bird of India.)

After taking a romantic pedicab tour around the city where their hearts first met, the couple returned home to their newly built house with their friends and family for a selection of treats from Vodoo donuts and Poplandia popcorn following a dinner of sweet and savory grilled sandwiches from local food trucks, PBJ’s Grilled and Koi Fusion.

The Story

We met seven years ago at a nightclub in Portland which no longer exists. Fittingly enough, by chance we had our photo taken the night we met. During the pedicab tour after our American wedding, we re-created the same pose and photo from seven years prior.

The Proposal

A few weeks after returning from India where I met his family, it was nearly Valentine’s Day. He had his brother send the ingredients for my favorite Indian food, street-style pizza. In India, you often have to offer bribes to get what you want. He said the pizza ingredients was my “bribe” if I’d let him be my husband. (Technically, I was proposed to with Amul cheese—although there was a ring, too).

The Gown

I initially wanted something short and simple. However, in my husband’s community, all-white is reserved for widows. The choice to have a couture gown custom made was a process of elimination. There were no dresses I liked, particularly with accent colors. I’m a big fan of Zuhair Murad’s designs, but nothing was available that was “just right.” Going with a custom gown was the only way to get what I wanted, although “what I wanted” drastically changed in the year-long process.

The style for your wedding day

For our American wedding, just a few weeks following the large Indian wedding, we wanted something small and simple with just friends. Since neither of us are Christian, the idea of a church wedding was already out. There’s always been something sweet and romantic about the notion of getting married at the courthouse. The day was informal, fun, and simple, which is just what we needed after spending a month in India.

The Decor

I am not a DIYer, but many of the details were from Etsy designers and shops. I also surprised my husband by having a brick placed in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square. You can purchase a permanent brick in what’s dubbed Portland’s livingroom. It read “J+C 4.1.16.”

Any advice for fellow brides to be?

Prioritize making time to spend with just your husband on your wedding day! After all, that’s what it’s really about.

The favorite moment of the day…

For an hour in between the ceremony and reception, we took a pedicab tour around downtown Portland. It was time where we could just spend it together before hosting the party at home. We also got married again (our third time after India and the courthouse!) at Voodoo Doughnuts where legal ceremonies are performed with blessings from the “Voodoo gods.”

jessica-chintan-wedding (1)

jessica-chintan-wedding (2)

jessica-chintan-wedding (3)

jessica-chintan-wedding (4)

jessica-chintan-wedding (5)

jessica-chintan-wedding (6)

jessica-chintan-wedding (7)

jessica-chintan-wedding (8)

jessica-chintan-wedding (9)

jessica-chintan-wedding (10)

jessica-chintan-wedding (12)

jessica-chintan-wedding (13)

jessica-chintan-wedding (14)
jessica-chintan-wedding (16)
jessica-chintan-wedding (18) jessica-chintan-wedding (19)
jessica-chintan-wedding (21)

jessica-chintan-wedding (22)
jessica-chintan-wedding (24)
jessica-chintan-wedding (28)
jessica-chintan-wedding (30)
jessica-chintan-wedding (32)

jessica-chintan-wedding (33)

jessica-chintan-wedding (34)

jessica-chintan-wedding (35)


Vendor Credits:

Photographer: Powers Photography Studio || Cake: Dream Cakes ||  Dress: Custom couture from Embellish Designs || Makeup: Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon || Hair: Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon || Shoes: Christian Louboutin for the ceremony, gold sequin Converse for the reception || Accessories: Custom 24k necklace/earring set from Mumbai, the gold bracelet is “something borrowed and something old” and was lent from her best friend Erin Smith (it was her mother’s, and her mother wore it at her own wedding 40 years ago) || Bridesmaids Dresses: N/A || Grooms Suit: Custom made in Mumbai || Stationery: Adorn Invitations || Food: Display from Voodoo Doughnuts and two food trucks for catering on site (PBJs Grilled and Koi Fusion) || Flowers: Brooch Bouquet custom made from Secret Garden Bouquets || Ceremony Venue: Multnomah County Courthouse (Portland, Ore. USA) || Reception Venue: Our custom built home (they moved in four days prior to the wedding)

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Wedding Album Design

Photographers today are not often a one-stop shop. A good photographer will focus on what they do best: Take great pictures. In the past a wedding photographer would take the photos, do the editing, print your prints, and create a wedding album design if you chose to pay for one.

Now, things have changed. Photographers generally deliver you a DVD or a memory stick that has all of the photos that they took. Yes, there are usually hundreds of them.

Wedding albums are even more desirable now in the digital world. Can you imagine pulling out your Ipad with a guest at your house to flip through hundreds of photos from your wedding day?  Talk about boring!

So, there is a strong argument to have a real wedding album designed. You can leave the album on your coffee table and your house guests will not be able to resist the temptation of flipping through and enjoying your wedding story.


If you want a wedding album you should contact someone who specializes in wedding albums. A photographer may take great photos, but they likely cannot design a wedding album as well as a professional wedding album design company.

A great wedding album company will help you choose the images for your album, or will even choose the best images for you for your approval. And it should not take long! Wedding album designers should be able to complete the first draft of your design within a few days to a week.

There are two main styles of wedding album design: Classic and Modern.

Classic Wedding Album Design – This design style uses black or white backgrounds and are similar to traditional wedding albums. Fading and effects are kept to a minimum with this type of wedding album design

Modern Wedding Album Design – The Modern Album Design style uses fading and transitions in order to guide the viewer through the story of the day. Rather than solid backgrounds, many of the pages are designed with image backdrops.

So, first find a great photographer. Then find a great wedding album company to design and make your perfect wedding album.

Set your wedding album out on your coffee table. Your friends will love it!  You will love it! The magic of your wedding day will be relived over and over again.

Wedding Photo

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Repurposing Items for a Wedding

When you start shopping for all the supplies that you’ll need for your wedding, you’ll quickly start to notice that the prices are much higher than when you shop for everyday items. Even paper plates that have wedding related printing on them will go for an arm and a leg, so being creative and finding alternatives is important if you are on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are many great items out there that aren’t actually designed for weddings that will easily look as if they were. By using a little bit of savvy shopping and the patience it takes to look around at all of your local stores, you’ll find that repurposing items for a wedding is actually quite simple and you can even find appropriate items in your very own home.

Centerpiece Vases

Instead of shelling out a ton of money for centerpiece vases, you should consider emptying out your cupboard of old glasses and goblets that will easily do the job for a fraction of the price. Chances are you have way too many glasses that are all mismatched or starting to show their age, so your wedding can be a great opportunity to swap those out by putting some new ones on your gift registry. Even if you want to keep your glasses, you can always take them off the tables and put them back into your cupboard at the end of the night. If you need to buy glasses for this job, you can always check the dollar store where you can find them for really cheap.


Many couples choose to have sparklers at their wedding to use during the send-off line. Buying sparkler specifically for this purpose can be a little expensive, but most people have sparklers left over from the 4th of July sitting in a box in their garage. Overall, the difference between regular sparklers and wedding sparklers is usually only the packaging as long as they have metal wires instead of wooden sticks for their cores. You’ll have to throw away the bright colored packaging that they originally came in, but you can just tie them together with a ribbon for a lovely looking arrangement.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Dress

To save money on your wedding dress, you should consider asking your friends and family if they still have their and if you can use it at your wedding. Wedding dresses are one of the most expensive things you’ll need to have, so trimming off that cost can be a massive savings. If you can’t find one that’s available or that fits, you can always check thrift stores and second-hand stores throughout your area. If you look hard enough, you should be able to find something that works perfectly for little or no money.

Recycled Goods

Lastly, recycled goods have become very popular at weddings. Whether they are new items made from old plastics or simply items that are repurposed, this can be a fun and inexpensive way to help you decorate your wedding. One of my favorite items was a gift table made from old plastic water bottles. They simply lined up all the water bottles upright and placed a piece of glass over the top to create a unique statement piece that held all of their gifts perfectly. Best of all, by repurposing the water bottles for their wedding, they were able to construct it for absolutely no money.

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Rustic Chic: Amanda & Joshua By Queen B Photography

A heart felt country wedding! That is how I would describe this adorable rustic, North Carolina wedding.

Amanda & Joshua were married on May 11, 2013 at the bride’s family farm in North Carolina. Mandy, our blushing bride, loves things that have a rustic country vibe. She wanted the wedding to have a rustic feel with lace accents to soften it up. Although this bride looked fit for any black-tie wedding, she didn’t let her southern roots disappear as we can see in her pictures with a jean jacket and cowboy boot wearing bridesmaids.

The wedding had wonderful DIY touches. From the creative use of hay bails for benches to the hand painted turquoise wooden piece used to hold the mason jars at her reception. Each detail was handmade and wonderfully personal. All the flowers were also uniquely created by each bridesmaid, and her wedding turquoise, ruffled wedding cake was certainly a highlight.

Thank you to Queen B Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us and congratulations to the new couple! We wish you all the best.

Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING148_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING119_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING106_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWED2030_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWED2026_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWED2010_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWED2007_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024mandybridal74_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING156_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING170_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING201_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024mandybrid186edited1_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING860_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING790_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING757_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING725_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING699_low Ziglar_Farmer_Queen_B_Photography_K1024FARMERWEDDING511_low

Vendor Credits:

Photographer:  Queen B Photography || Cake Designer: Bake Me Happy
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Lace, Crystals And Roses Oh My: Gabriella & Ryan By Janet Lanza Photography

Gabriella & Ryan were married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 26, 2012. The wedding was glamorous, elegant and had the perfect amount of vintage touches to accent their stylish wedding.

This cool toned October wedding combines an edgy, modern style with vintage glamour. The bride was the epitome of glamour with her long blond hair, strong black eyeliner and crystal headpiece. The crystal headpiece, although vintage inspired and reminiscent of the 1920’s, looked fashion forward at the same time. It is a very glamorous look and Gabriella wore it well.

Gabriella’s lace off the shoulder dress was gorgeous and her bridesmaids and flower girl dresses were no exception. I must say, these are the best flower girl dresses I have ever seen! In fact I desperately want one in my size. I think I would have gotten married in one of these dresses.

The bridesmaids also wore lace in a beautiful grey/blue with pale pink heals. The dresses were all different styles, which is something I typically do not like because I think it becomes distracting but these are one of my absolute favorite bridesmaids dresses ever. The color, fit, length and yes, the different necklines! I loved them all.

This wedding is really some eye candy and a great inspiration for style and color palate if you are having a fall wedding but not interested in doing the warm browns and yellow.

Thank you to Janet Lanza Photography for sharing this beautiful wedding with us.

xxoo Dov


Vendor Credits:

Photographer:  Janet Lanza Photography || Jewelry: Betsey Johnson & Thomas Knoell Designs || Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Burberry London & The Mens Warehouse || Dress Designer: Christos || Dress Designer: Lazaro & Christos || Floral Designer: Petal Pushers Inc. || Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo & Badgley Mischka || Event Venue: Vie – Cescaphe Event Group

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A Wedding With Elegance And Southern Charm: Elizabeth & Justin By Loren Routhier Photography

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s my favorite day of the week! Woot woot!

I have such a stunning wedding on the blog today! Truly one that will inspire us all.

Elizabeth Allina and Justin Lott were married on April 27, 2013  at Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina.  This wedding is a prime example of why I love Southern weddings so much. With its elegance, charm and idyllic scenery, this wedding takes the cake.

My favorite wedding details:

  • Bride’s gorgeous accessories. Such an elegant and glamorous touch. She reminds me of Grace Kelly in these photos.
  • The view as they exchange their wedding vows. Just perfection. Reminds me of a scene straight from The Notebook.
  • The chandeliers displayed in the reception are phenomenal. The centerpieces, the softness of the wedding colors…. le sigh.
  • The photo of the soft pink rose on a table just sums up the simplicity and elegance of the day.
  • The beauty and pure love shining through the eyes of the Bride and Groom.

Huge congrats to Elizabeth and Justin on their marriage and thank you to Loren Routhier Photography for sharing this amazing wedding with us.

Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1203_low111 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1209_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1210_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1216_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1217_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1219_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1271_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1297_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1368_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1380_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1408_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1414_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1422_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1423_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1427_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1430_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1583_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1587_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1620_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1631_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1667_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1705_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1740_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1791_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1809_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1813_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1817_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1821_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1836_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1837_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1843_low111 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1852_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1870_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1871_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1872_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1874_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1877_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_1929_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_2042_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_2045_low11 - Copy Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_2046_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_2053_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_2134_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680003_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680004_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680009_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680011_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680015_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680020_low11 Allina_Lott_Loren_Routhier_Photography_11680031_low11

Vendor Credits:

Caterer:  Duvall Catering || Event Planner:  Duvall Events || Makeup Artist:  Generations of Designs || Event Venue:  Middleton Place

Photographer:  Loren Routhier Photography//Caterer: Duvall Catering//Event Planner: Duvall Events//Makeup Artist:Generations of Designs


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